Our Products

Icon Woo-Dentaku
Woo-Dentaku is a Calculator for Apple Watch.
_67a136cc220624738ed6c8ca83565856-png Timer4LT
It is a simple timer that focuses on the use in Lightning Talks. In addition, it will let you know the time by chime like a school or workplace.
Sleepless_browser_100x100 Sleepless Browser
The Sleepless Browser allows you to browse the web without the engagement of your iPhone's automatic lock.
Icon_100x100_with_shadow-1 Goal In!
It assists for hobby joggers who want to finish the marathon race by the time limit with enjoy.
Icon_100x100 ioTouch2
Our industrial Solution. I/O check easily.
Icon_100x100 irPanel
Our industrial Solution. It becomes a tiny touch panel for PLC.
Irubykaigi_icon-100x100 iRubyKaigi'13
It enables you to browse a schedule of RubyKaigi 2013.