Woo-Dentaku is a Calculator for Apple Watch.
It is designed to enter keys quickly and correctly.
And it's able to run without iPhone.

We hope you will enjoy with it at a shopping, a meal etc.
There are key assigns 3x3 and 2x2.
If it's hard to push a key by 3x3, please select 2x2 assign.
You can choose it by a setting page.
There are more assigns for a right wrist,
for a shopping (adder), for a programmer.
Keys are divided into several pages.
You can quickly enter a key as moving pages.
In the stack page, you can check expressions in ground total or memory.
You can delete a wrong line in it.
It also has a tax and a tip calculator, and split the bill function.
You can select it from the menu.
In the setting page, you can choose a decimal place, a round way, a key assign,
an order of operations, the tax rate.
You can select it from the menu.